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Alpaca meeting

Let's step among the alpacas and forget the rush and worries for a while. Let's let the thoughts rest, experience mutual curiosity. Let's get to know alpacas as animals and as individuals of the alpaca herd, which…

50€/ family (2 adults and 1-3 children)

Children under 3 free. Ask for a group price for groups of more than 6 people


Alpacas meeting and a small leash run

Do you want to try how it feels to tame an alpaca? The alpaca meeting can be combined with a short, approximately 10-minute taming in the yard. Children under the age of 12 can tame an alpaca together with a parent...

€30/person, €20 for children under 12
Children under 3 free


Walking tour with alpacas

Let's get to know the farmed alpacas, farm them at a leisurely pace in the rural and forest landscape of the Kivikkola farm. The length of the trip is adjusted according to the group and the alpacas...

Number of participants 1-8 

Tamers must be over 12 years old, younger ones can tame an alpaca together with an older person.

1½-2 hours

A breather in the alpaca garden

Privaattiaika alpakoiden parissa, jonka voit käyttää haluamallasi tavalla: Katsellen eläinten touhuja ja maaseutumaisemaa, istumalla alas ja hörppiä termospullosta lämmintä kaakaota, lukemalla lempikirjaa, tekemällä etätöitä tai…

Osallistujamäärä 1-2


A caring lesson with a horse

Ethical riding that takes the horse into account on the farm or off-road. Relaxation is taught so that the horse dares to trust the rider.
45-70 €/person
60 minutes

A good weekend with the horse

Four hours of ethical riding during the week-end. We learn to know our own strength and to be firm but respectful towards the horse. You can use the same lessons with your spouse.
(3 days)

Get rid of stress - the weekend

Let's wash away everyday worries in the company of animals and by relaxing in different ways (massage, yoga, meditation, energy therapy, spa, good food and drink).

Implemented in joint work with local entrepreneurs.
(3 days)

A weekly/monthly event for women in the surrounding area

Let's gather together and let go of stress by connecting to the grounding energy of animals and by doing yoga/meditation.

The recurring event would also function as a peer support group.
€20 / participant
120 minutes

About us

When a sole entrepreneur doesn't have enough time for everything, the solution is to gather a support network around them, where entrepreneurs share the same value base. Virva and Kat's collaboration started in spring 2023 and has resulted in this animal and experience services candy store where you can pick up treats that suit you. The selection of offered services will be modified and expanded slowly as the cooperation progresses. You can read more about entrepreneurs and companies on the website: and

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